Learning a new language


A little while ago I started an intensive Dutch course. Needless to say, they took the intensive part very seriously, but I was still surprised to find out just how much language you can cram in your head in 3 weeks. Being able to understand what people are telling me, at least some of the time, is refreshing. Today I even managed to spell my name (in Dutch! :p) to the mailman, without asking him to speak English! Small victories.

The last class was yesterday and I had successfully passed, with my Dutch now on an A2 level. The next level starts in a few weeks but, as we will be going back to Slovenia for Pust, I would have missed too many classes. My Dutch courses will therefore be on pause until March. I think that despite the crazy workload, I will miss them a bit. It was nice to have somewhere to be and have something really productive to do every day.

But then, the grass is always greener on the other side. During the course I had often wished I would have some spare time to complete one or two of the numerous half-finished projects. Including the setup of this blog.

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