Etsy art: Slovenia in photos


We're going back to Slovenia for a few days. Going home has made me a bit nostalgic and I started browsing Etsy for artwork related to Slovenia. As I was browsing, I noticed that all of the work I favourited came from a single shop.

Shashamane is a British artist whose photographs share a lovely dreamy quality. I love the slightly nostalgic feel to them, they fit my mood perfectly. I'm sure anyone who has left their home town or country can relate to the feeling.

While living in Ljubljana, I was never fond of the city when it rained. Now I cannot help but feel like I was missing something that was right in front of me. Ljubljana is completely snowed over at the moment, but I bet he could make even that nuisance seem beautiful.

A few  years ago there was a new bridge built in Ljubljana and it was quickly adopted by people as a means to declare love. You buy a padlock, write your and your significant other's name on it and then lock it on the wire railing. Make sure you throw away the key. By doing so, you lock your love in place forever.

One of the most beautiful places in the country is Bled lake. It is near the Triglav National Park and features the only island in Slovenia. You can get to the island by taking the Pletnja boat, or in the winter, when the ice is declared thick enough, you may ice-skate there.

There is an old story about the island and the bell on it. There was once a widow whose husband was killed by bandits and thrown into the lake. To soothe her sorrow she went to the island chapel every day to pray. But the chapel had no bell, so she gathered all her gold and had it forged into one. Then, when the bell was on it's way to the island, came a terrible storm and the boat sank. They say you can still hear it chiming in the dark waters sometimes. But the widow did not give up, she sold all her possessions and had a church built on the little island. After her death the pope blessed the church and the then new bell. Since then, they say, if you make a wish and ring the bell, your wish will come true.

However Slovenia is by no means the only subject of  Shashamane Art Photography. The landscapes he does are simply stunning. They all have the same dreamy, nostalgic, almost fairy tale quality that makes you wonder what story they fell out of. Beautiful.

This one is my favourite of all.

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  1. Thank you so much Vaka :) This is a lovely profile of your beautiful country which I loved so much when I visited ... even in the rain it had an appeal :)

    Best wishes!