Banishing clutter


I’m a big fan of minimalism, I find the aesthetic calming. But, when I say minimalism, I don't mean the empty, cold and clinical look. Imagine it to be clean, comfortable and warm. Something like this: 

Very Dutch, with the big windows looking right in the bedroom.

But while I love minimalism, the feeling is not mutual. Clutter follows me around like a lost puppy. It comes by for cuddles with those big brown eyes, and it’s nearly impossible to say no. I mean, what harm can one more notebook do? Just one more pen. It’s just so cute.

My boyfriend’s sense of aesthetics is also very minimalistic. A few statement pieces, functional and well placed made his apartment relaxing and clutter free. And then I came along, with my endless art supplies and a talent for a (not necessarily creative) mess. Sometimes this clean living environment turns into a pile of stuff with no head or tail.

When I was younger, I didn’t mind, even further, I thrived in a mess. I knew exactly where things were and I found it soothing and creatively stimulating. I want to use the term “organized chaos” but there was nothing organized about it. I was even told once that my uncle has taken a photo of my room, as an illustration for my cousins of why they should clean their rooms.

But, I grew out of it. I find that sort of thing very stressful now. And so I am attempting to keep clutter to a minimum. So far, so good. It's not entirely gone, but maybe one day. 

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