Juggling priorities


A few days ago I read a post on Little Cartographer about priorities. She writes about the difficult choice between what makes you happy right now and what you want in the long run. It rung true.

There always comes a time when there's a discrepancy between what you want to work on and what you need to work on. Right now, I would love to work on my art, but my B1 Dutch course has started a few weeks ago. For now, that needs to take priority. It's often a difficult decision, especially when the choices all have beneficial long term consequences. When they're all a path to things you want to achieve. I would suggest only doing one thing at a time, but we all know life is too messy for that.

So how do you juggle between things that all need to get done? I wish I had an answer. Maybe someone could come up with a machine that would make days longer or our need for sleep less pressing.

My current approach is to rank things by urgency. Homework comes first, because without it, attending the course is close to useless. Then optional additional language practice and vocabulary. Then art. If I still have the mental capacity for it. Most days, I just roll into bed and start snoring.

Decide what's most pressing and do that first. Fit in the rest when you can. A bit of reading on the train, a bit of sketching while having your morning coffee, a bit of writing when you're on your lunch break. The little bits of time that you put in when you have a spare moment all add up in the long run.

Have you ever played the Sims? If you have, you know you probably fit in a bit of tinkering or painting right before bed, or right before work started. And you always took care of the basics first. Hunger, energy, toilet usage. The social and fun bars were also important, though I bet you often wished you could ignore them. But when you apply that to real life, you realise that you can't keep going for long without blowing off a little steam.

I often felt like I was juggling, but isn't that exactly what we do every day?

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