Etsy art: Game of Thrones inspired


When it comes to books, my preferred drug of choice is Fantasy. I fell in love with the works of J. R. R. Tolkien when I was around twelve and the infatuation never disappeared. One of my favourite authors is George R. R. Martin. Usually I find that a book loses something in translation to the TV (or cinema) screen, but not this time. I enjoy the Game of Thrones TV series just as much as I enjoyed the books. (Meaning, I really, really love the show.) 

Since the walls in the apartment are still devoid of art (and because my boyfriend is just as big of a fan of Game of Thrones as I am) I went on an Etsy window shopping trip. Good God was it worth it. I found three artists whose work I find gorgeous. To be honest, I found many more but practicality requires me to narrow it down. If I didn't, I would need an apartment the size of the Louvre to display all the art I like. 
(Hint: If you click on an image it will take you to the corresponding Etsy listing.)

The first set comes from an American artist Joseph Harrold. I love the clean, minimalistic approach and the grungy look of the house sigils. These three are by no means the only ones. If you're rooting for any of the other houses, or just want a complete set, you can find the full collection in his Etsy shop, Pixology.

Night's Watch Print by Pixology

House Stark Print by Pixology

The second set of works comes from another American artist, Fay Helfer. The prints of original pyrographic art are simply stunning. I stared at it with my mouth open for a few minutes. Really. I probably looked like a doofus. But just imagine the skill it takes to capture such a vivid expression by burning wood. In her shop, FayHelfer, you can find a few portraits of other Game of Thrones characters, but I urge you to check out her non-GoT inspired art. A gallery is located on her website in the first link. It's brilliant.

Jon Snow Print on Wood by FayHelfer

Daenerys Print on Wood by FayHelfer

Tyrion Lannister Print on Wood by Fay Helfer

The third (yet again American) artist is Damon Boreing. I love the muted colours and the small details. Especially in the Wight print (which happens to be my favourite of the three). You get a sense of cold winter just by looking at it and I love the simplicity and use of negative space in the Daenerys print. His Etsy shop, damonboreing, is full of delicious nerdery. I love the style and I think my boyfriend would especially approve of the Mass Effect print.

Stark Family Print by Damon Boreing

Wights Print by Damon Boreing

Daenerys Targaryen Print by Damon Boreing

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