The Tool Trap


One shouldn’t focus too much on the negative. I know this, it is why I chose not to spend time finding the words harsh enough to describe the internal turmoil and fury I feel at losing my sticky bookmarks. Sounds trivial, doesn’t it? Be that as it may, it has been stopping me from reading books this whole week. I mean, what will I do when I find a part I wish to remember?

 I often catch myself just going around in circles in my head, like an old record that keeps skipping back, turning words with meaning into nonsense. It takes a while to be able to take that step aside, have a good, honest look at yourself and see the fool you’re being. 

 This tool trap is toxic, it nails you in place and lets fear take over. Of course some activities actually require appropriate tools and safety equipment etc., that’s not what I’m talking about. My issues are often with the irrelevant; my workout clothes are old and shapeless, I my favorite pen died and I don’t like the 200 other pens in the house, I can’t read this book because my bookmarks are missing.

Just say it out loud. Hear yourself. Do you want it or don’t you?

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