Aerothoughts are the sort of thoughts that can't sit still. They fly away with you, evolving and growing until they have six heads, horns and a hot pink belly ring. You get lost in them and sometimes it's difficult to find your way out, but goshdarnit they're always interesting!

I am Vika and my head is full of them. I am a stationery addict, big fan of sci-fi, especially Dr. Who, affordable art enthusiast and cat owner. I love reading, drawing, painting and sewing. I originally come from Slovenia, but now live in the north of the Netherlands. Very flat, very windy, sometimes puzzling.

This is my cat. His name is Loki, god of mischief. 

        I ALSO LOVE
  •  2nd hand shops
  •  vintage, antique (and just plain old)
  •  the handmade
  •  experiments in the kitchen
  •  Blythe
  •  both tea and coffee
  •  old movies
  •  diy
  •  bookshops
  •  art supplies
  •  the sea
  •  long spirited debates about nothing in particular