I want to be a person I am proud of. Happy, interesting and I want to lead a full life. I want experiences that make me smile when I think back on them and share them with people that make me smile.

I want to read like I used to. I would swallow books whole, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks too. It made my mind, hell, it made my whole life richer. Let's start doing that more frequently again.

I want to stop caring about what people think of me and the choices I make. I don't mean stop taking, or asking for, advice. Just stop taking it to heart when the choices, that I feel are right, are being questioned. Everyone has their own life to live.

Stop waiting for "the right time" and procrastinating on things that could get me closer to my goals. Yes, I can do it tomorrow, but why not today? Tomorrow can become always tomorrow. I don't want to find myself, years from now, thinking why didn't I do something on one of those eternal yesterdays.

I want to keep clear plans and clear goals for myself and do my best to stick with them. It's so easy to let time slip past you, but all the minutes and hours are what life is built of. Time is important.